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Discover the beauties of Lake Kočevje

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Trdnjava, Kočevje
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The lake appeared in late 1970s, on a former brown coal mine. People stopped mining and consequently also drawing water, which resulted in one of the most popular locations of the locals and the tourists of the Kočevje valley. During the summer months, swimmers, lovers of boating, surfing, diving and sailing with small sailboats gather around it. In winter, when the undulating surface freezes, it is regularly visited by ice skaters, while fishermen are its guests all year round. There is also three kilometres long scenic trail around the lake, where about 65 species of birds can be observed in its reeds, among which as many as 15 are endangered.

The adventure shall begin in the city centre of Kočevje, at the premises of the Kočevje Tourist Association, where a honey breakfast will await you. After the sweet refreshment and a presentation of Kočevje features, we will visit the lake. With the help of the Club of Kočevje students, we will build a wooden raft, with which we will then sail across the lake and allow ourselves to admire the yet quite intact nature and listen to the melody of numbers of birds nesting and inhabiting the surrounding reeds. In order to easy the paddling, we shall secure a mast on the raft, which the protégées of the daily centre Šent from Kočevje will help us sew together.

When we reach the other bank of the lake, we will walk through a nearby meadow and meet the world of medicinal herbs, presented by a Kočevje herbalist. While walking along the immediate vicinity of the lake, we will carefully pick up any garbage, which unfortunately is often found in the nearby bushes and grass. In order to avoid this kind of action, we will also create friendly warning signs from natural materials, which we will then hung in places where garbage is found and thus try to make visitors aware of the ecological importance of the lake to the environment in general. After the work is done, we will sit on the beach of the lake and have a real miner's snack prepared by the members of the Tourist Association of Kočevje and forget about everyday worries by listening to witty mining stories. We will make sure that you get a taste of the joys of Lake Kočevje and the valley. Part of the earnings will be given for organizing creativity programs for young people. Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.


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