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Second Fiddle – one meal can help make a difference

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Stari trg 21, Ljubljana
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Sadly, in most societies people with neurological disorders are still neglected and, as the saying goes, are often left to play second fiddle. However, a musical composition is nothing without the backing players. And in many cases, when the skills and talents of the second fiddle are recognised, encouraged and helped to develop we are often amazed at what they produce.

The same rings true for people with conditions such as autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia and other neurological differences who struggle to fit into our uniform society. They are forced to play second fiddle, and regrettably, this often means that their talents and skills are never recognised. More importantly, we are truly missing out on their valuable contribution to society.

Did you know that the Sydney Opera House was designed by a dyslexic architect? The simple to use picture instructions that help you easily assemble your furniture from Ikea was the brainchild of its dyslexic founder. Amadeus Mozart is suspected of being on the autism spectrum. Imagine a world without his music. The actor you know as Harry Potter has dyspraxia. Even the famous chef Jamie Oliver has dyslexia. How would the world be without their invaluable contributions? And think what else we are missing out on when we leave these people to play second fiddle.

In the lovely medieval old town of Ljubljana, you’ll find the restaurant, Druga Violina (Second Fiddle). It’s here that the centre for work, training and welfare has established a restaurant purely designed to help people with special needs. In this restaurant people, young and old, get the chance to learn on the job. They are helped and encouraged by trained staff to develop not only their social skills but also their talents and ideas.

Your dinner could well be served by a future Jamie Oliver in the making, and the cost of your meal will contribute towards one person’s brighter future and help put the spotlight on them for a change.


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