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Running tracks for the inmates – the path of meeting (oneself)

Help building a running tracks

Banija 97, Ig
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The experience of imprisonment is definitely a life-turning point for anyone who finds him/herself in such a situation and it leaves deep scars also in the lives of their loved ones. Prison is a place where one has to face oneself relentlessly and at the same time an opportunity of learning for life and internalizing socially acceptable norms. The prison in Ig is the central female prison in Slovenia. In some way, time in prison stops. There are only a few external events that could dictate a rhythm and give prisoners the feeling that something is happening. Therefore, we will contribute to a creative spending of free time for the inmates and help them with their project of building a running track. The Institute is located on a hill above Ig, surrounded by forest and grassland, and it is in those surroundings that the running track will be constructed. Outside participants and inmates will both assist in the construction of the trail with seven landscaped areas, the so-called running islands, on which running devices will be installed.

This way, the inmates will actively help with the project throughout its course, while outside participants will offer a hand and knowledge with the entire construction of the running track, at the same time trying to co-create social responsibility. The running track will have a greater meaning for the inmates than just a recreational and sociable spot in the nature. It will give the opportunity to enter the outside and inside world of light, to assume a positive and healthy role in life and spend free time in a constructive way. The initial presentation of understanding the meaning of personal life choices and personal growth, as well as the experience of cooperating with imprisoned people shall have an invaluable social imprint also on the outside participants. Impact tourism enables inmates in Ig to co-create the conditions for a more quality spending of the sentence they were given in a pleasant and responsible manner. The earnings collected this way shall be used for the construction and maintenance of the running track, as well as support programs and counselling for inmates. 


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