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Take a walk in the name of love

"Walking tour with english speaking guide"

Oražnova 10, Ljubljana
  • 2 - 6
  • 2.5 - 2.0 h

Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, derives its name from the word “ljubljena”, which means “beloved”. Thus the city is often dubbed, the city of love. But it’s not just a clever name; love is well and truly alive here in the form of the many social businesses and enterprising programs setup to help those less fortunate members of our society. Love is a word that is easily spoken, but real love is expressed through our actions towards others.

This is not your average city walking tour, but an exclusive look at the wonderful socially-focused businesses set up by local people that are part of the “Think Social. Buy Local.” Movement. Many of these businesses have been established purely to help the needy in our society, such as drop-out kids, people with special needs, disabled, and the homeless. You’ll visit a restaurant that employs only people with special needs, who are trained and encouraged to improve their social and occupational skills. You can sip coffee in a café which sells locally-roasted, Fairtrade and organic coffee, and help small struggling farmers stay afloat amid competition from global corporations. Slovenia also has its own version of the “Big Issue” known as “Kralji Ulice”, Kings of the Street” and you can explore the shop run by its publishers.

Another great local business you will visit is Smetumet, which collects and recycles rubbish and uses it to create wonderful handmade products such as handbags, rucksacks, souvenirs and much more. You will take away a free gift from their shop as part of your tour.

Your participation in this tour will help to support these many growing socially-orientated businesses. Together we can help Ljubljana live up to its name, and really spread the love.


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