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In most societies, people with mental disorders are still neglected and pushed aside. At the same time, success of a country is also measured by inclusion of people with special needs into the society.

The Centre for training, work and welfare by Dolfka Boštjančič, with its headquarters in Draga pri Igu near Ljubljana and units in a number of locations in Slovenia is the social welfare centre for training, education, healthcare and rehabilitation of children, adolescents and adults with moderate, severe and difficult mental disorders with additional disabilities. One of the forms of integration of their protégés into the social environment is their everyday work and engagement in projects with which the equally compete on the market. The New Year`s program by the Centre Dolfka Boštjančič consists mostly of their entirely handmade Christmas and New Year greeting cards, for which a variety of materials, shapes, designs and colours are used, as well as small symbolic gifts. We would like to invite you to support with donations the Centre’s activities and effort to integrate their protégés into social environment. For better results, we would also like to invite your employees to participate.

Our humanity is measured by attitude towards the weakest. Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.

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