Vocational youth training in Gostilna dela (the Work Pub)

Culinary workshop

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Due to inadequate education, lack of knowledge, social exclusion and insufficient motivation, employment of young people who dropped out of secondary education is reduced, difficult and uncompetitive.

At Gostilna dela, they responded to this problem by employing and performing special vocational training in the activity of catering at a particular working position, namely assistant waiter and assistant cook. Young people between the ages of 17 and 25 gain basic working and social skills, working routine, work motivation and practical knowledge in a real working environment. This way, we contribute to their social reintegration and an active inclusion into the labour market.

With your help, they might be able to continue with the training program and enable an even greater number of youth participating in the program. At the culinary workshop, you can learn how to prepare certain foods, which are also part of the gastronomic offer.

Under the guidance of mentors, the workshop will be performed by the youth, who were or still are included in the training program. We will teach you to bake homemade bread, make omelettes and also desserts. You will become familiar with all the preparation processes of these simple and very useful dishes. Our work shall have many beneficial effects, such as encouraging independence and confidence in young people participating in the implementation of the culinary workshop and a sustainable implementation of the program.

Part of the earnings will be allocated for the implementation of the training program in training workshops. Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.

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3.0 - None h

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Gostilna Dela

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