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Pohorje, the land of childhood adventures

Spending quality time in the nature

Trg vstaje 11, Ruše
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People travelled even before tourism appeared, they only called it differently. Often, they used the word pilgrimage. Indeed, there are not many places which could pride itself with such touristic history as Ruše. The people of Ruše, are rightfully proud of the pilgrimages into their village, the Ruše Sunday Fair and organization of theatre plays. Contact with the world, education and broad minded people were also reflected in their spirit of enterprise and contact with the nature, evident from their developed foundries, the art of blacksmiths, glassblowing and timber trade. Rafting, on the other hand, is a story of its own, a story about innovation and entrepreneurship, as it did not require construction of channels or create fuel costs; it was nature friendly and still today represents a challenge to other forms of transport.

Even though contact with nature is sometimes taken for granted, it is drastically blurred today. The charms of modern electronic world slowly lure people, especially children and youth, reduce their motor skills and are responsible for the lack of contact with the nature. In the wish to change this, we would like to invite you to get involved in the construction of playground toys, constructions, products, and other, together with local architects, foresters and other craftsmen, to create the Pohorje land of childhood adventures, which will offer children spending quality time in the nature. Together, we shall plan, build and create, while children and parents from vulnerable groups will join us. Creative equipment for playing and constructions from environmentally friendly materials will promote children's motor skills. Each toy and construction will also offer and remind children of the knowledge of the rich natural and cultural heritage of these locations. This shall be an impact adventure for children. Under clear blue sky, we shall have to defeat "Jezernik" (a toy with a bucket of water), undergo a test on a slide (which once served to store timber in the valley) or build an unsinkable raft are only a few of the challenges planned for them.

There shall be enough time to visit our local natural and cultural gems. To ease our work, local people will show their hospitality by offering local food and drinks. This will ease our way to leaving a great socially beneficial impact in the beautiful Pohorje area. Our goal will be to create a land where children can pass challenges offered by the nature and our imagination carefree. A part of the earnings will be dedicated to the needs of the construction of this land and for visits by children from socially disadvantaged families.

Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.


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Hosted by Miha Lovše

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