Trška gora – the heart of wine growing

Help trim, bind and cultivate vines for their abundant and rich growth

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Dolenjska is the region within the wine-growing region Posavje, which in addition to colourful natural blessings also boasts with wine-growing hills where winegrowers produce top-level red and white wines with hearty dedication. One of the bigger production areas is Trška gora, spreading above Novo mesto, which is also a popular spot for hikers, cyclists, nature lovers, wine grape growers and wine makers. At the top lies the church of St. Mary, inviting many hikers, pilgrims and seekers of natural treasures. Anyone who visits it is rewarded with a magnificent view of Novo mesto, the valley of the green beauty, river Krka and also of Gorjanci, where river Gospodična (Miss) makes her riverbed, promising eternal beauty. Its colour looks wonderful from early spring through hot summer, from colourful autumn until winter, when Trška gora begins its rest to be awakened again in autumn, when wind rattles and happy gatherers’ whistles announce the "harvest". Vineyard and cellar work never stops, but goes on throughout the year, so our growers are active and hardworking from spring to fall and gladly invite merry people to celebrate with a glass of wine.

They say: “The more, the merrier” and invite you to this cheerful company where you can help them trim, bind and cultivate vines for their abundant and rich growth. Together with them, you can also pick grapes and press them into sweet cider, as well as learn a few cellar tricks to produce excellent wine with which you will later spoil your taste buds and comment with experienced enologists. Students from agricultural school Grm and biotechnical gymnasium will help and support you, as through education and work, they became well familiarized with the wonderful area of Trška gora.

At Trška gora, a better and more beautiful world is co-created through socializing and enjoying local food and drinks, which connects people and represents a significant share in the preservation of cultural heritage and folk traditions. You are also invited to help us make a better and more beautiful world.

We wanted our gathering to combine business with pleasure, so a part of the earnings will be given to students who need help overcome economic and social obstacles.

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4.0 - 6.0 h

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Grm Novo mesto – center biotehnike in turizma

Trška Gora 1

8000 Novo mesto