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Klepec’s piece of bread

Play the game of Peter Klepec

Kuželj 1, Kostel
  • 10 - 50
  • 6.0 - 8.0 h

Peter Klepec is a weak boy, an only child without a father. His mother is very poor; she earns bread by day’s work. Their only property is a goat, which is not enough for survival. One day, his mother decides to send Peter to work with the shepherds, so at least he will be provided with food, but the other shepherds exploit the boy. Thankfully, one day Peter helps a sleeping girl in the forest clearing. He makes her a shade from branches and leaves fearing she might burn her skin in the sunshine. It turns out that the girl is a forest fairy, who awakes and in gratitude decides to grant Peter a wish. When he tells her about the wish to be strong, she shows him a water spring. After drinking the water, Peter feels a special power which he uses for good purpose. However, there are many wishes and needs of the villagers, so Peter and his mom need some help with the good works. We will help them carry and produce flour in the mill, knead and bake bread in the baker's oven, first learning how to bake it in the traditional way. We will work the soil in an organic garden and orchard. Then, we will make ‘Nežike’, dolls with long golden hair, a symbol of waterfall Nežica on the way to Kuželj, where a girl brushed her long golden hair beside the waterfall and whoever saw her was amazed by her beauty.

Mothers and children from the safe haven association Društvo varnega zavetja Kočevje, who will spend the day with us and play a game with Peter, will also be given some of his exceptional strength. This way, Klepec’s loaf of bread from Kuželj, the paradise village of unspoiled nature will have several beneficial effects while through impact tourism, we will create a story with a happy ending for families alike our hero Peter Klepec and his mother. A part of the earnings will be given to the generally beneficial programs of the association Društvo varnega zavetja Kočevje.


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