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With Šavrinka on a journey

Preservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage of Istria

Verdijeva ulica 10, Koper - Capodistria
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From the end of 19th century until the 2nd world war, Šavrinija, the highest part of the Koper hinterland, developed the activity of trading eggs. This was mostly performed by women called Šavrinke, who went to gather eggs into the central Istria and then, loaded with a few hundreds of them in the baskets they wore on their heads, carried them to Trieste, where they sold them. Afterwards, they bought the goods ordered by others and took them back to their land. In sunshine and rain, in the midst of the hottest summer and coldest winter, they walked there and back, day after day. More times a week, they walked for more than 100 kilometers.

Nowadays, there are no more egg-dealers, but in a symbolic sense, Šavrinka lives on. She shall be the thread of your visit. You shall step on the way of Šavrinka’s journey and discover what is hidden in her head basket ‘plenjer’.

Šavrinka Marija, nicknamed Juća shall first take us to her birth village and her relative Ondina, where refreshment will await. She will show us the church where she asked for a safe journey and successful trading and introduce us to the farmer, who will show us his olive grove and offer its goodies. We shall also help her wash the laundry at the spring in Vrešje. In pleasant company, Marija's husband, who plays music on a type of violin, called ‘škant’ will teach you how to make a ‘nunalce’, a traditional musical instrument from natural material, so you can play a few Istrian songs together.

The program With Šavrinka on the journey contributes to the preservation and promotion of the rich cultural heritage of Istria. A part of the earnings from the program will be given exclusively to the local residents, while the earnings from the sale of handmade musical instruments will be given for organizing educational programs for socially disadvantaged children.

Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.


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