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Overlooked treasures of healthy life


Mali Dol 4, Komen
  • 15 - 50
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Mali Dol pri Komnu is a village from the Middle Ages, established when count Rihemberk allocated the land of today’s village to three brothers shepherds. With our help, you will find many village treasures there. The walk along the walking path around the village will take you to a well, mulberry tree, dry stone walls, a pond with “japenca” and a mighty oak which will prove that a man does not need much to feel happy, if only health serves us. This is the reason why we shall learn the secrets and wisdom of healthy and organic farming as known by our ancestors and revive their recipes for a healthy life.

But theory is not all. In life, success and luck is also brought by diligence and cooperation. This year's cooperation exercise will be quite innovative. We will be joined by protégées of a social organization. Farm games with them will be a good test of team spirit, resourcefulness and skills that are essential in business world. Obstacles in business will be just a distant memory when you learn how to effectively pick potatoes on stilts and create a scarecrow as a group. At the same time, we shall prove that tempering of team spirit can also be socially beneficial, as our activities will leave a positive social imprint. But as an empty sack does not stand upright; we shall take a break between the board games of our forefathers and with some effort and skills also strengthen our body and mind.

Our work will have many beneficial effects, one of them being a wonderful experience that you will take back home with you. And not to forget the basket of freshly picked vegetables which we shall take back to Ljubljana for the socially weak. At the same time, a part of the earnings will be given for the development of socially entrepreneurial activities of the social organization you will spend the day with.

Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.


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