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Križna jama cave and the legend of the “bloody thigh”


Bloška polica 7, Grahovo
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In the old days, there was no Loka valley. Where the fields grow now, there used to be stone hills and in the Cold cave (Mrzla jama) under Križna jama cave, there lived a seven-headed dragon, which killed everything and anyone he reached. But there came brave men, who cut of six of the dragon’s heads, so when he had only one left, he promised to do anything they want if they let him live. The men demanded that he carries away all the stones and create a flat, fertile field. The dragon accepted and arranged the stones into rocky hills, which stand protective at the edge of the field still today. But from that entire burden, the dragon fell down tired and died. The dragon gone, people put up cottages and started working the land and breed cattle. They worked very hard and managed the land prudently for thousands of years on.

From time to time, overflowing waters flooded the field and thus a karst lake appeared. To shorten the time and impact of the floods, people started cleaning the caves (Globina cave) and sinkholes through which the water leaked from the field. Every few years, out of the cave came a horrible creature called “bloody thigh”, which lived in the cave and did not like the people disturbing its rest.

On our visit we shall see both entrances into the Križna jama cave and its magical interior in which two fairy tale creatures used to hide – the seven-headed dragon and the “bloody thigh”. We will help with the cleaning of the cave entrances, into which overflowing rivers and rain bring a lot of waste and tree branches. Thus, we shall help diminishing the time of the floods on the Loka field and the impact of flooding on the local population. By carrying the waste out of the caves, we can improve the living environment of small cave animals, which are gravely troubled or even threatened by the waste, as their life is hard enough without the light, low temperature and lack of food in the underworld.


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