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Let us help Panjček preserve centuries of heritage

Preserve the tradition of Cerknica

Dolenja vas 70c, Cerknica
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According to the old legend, a long time ago, there was no Cerknica Lake. A water man told a prince the secret of which holes to stuff in the field for the water to pile up. That way, the prince could row across the lake to reach his princess in Karlovško manors. “While you are waiting for the water to gather, make a boat”, he told him. The prince found an old autochthonous fir tree in the forest. It smelled really well, so at the old moon, he cut it down, cut off the branches and began carving a canoe boat. When the water grew and the lake appeared, he rowed towards his princess. How the love evolved shall remain a secret for now, to be told when you visit us at the Oral tradition house. Panjček is a small lake goblin, happy to meet people who wish to preserve the tradition of Cerknica and help carve canoes, hew nails, harvest, save fish when the water flows away from the lake, prepare essential oils, make line, help weave, spin and knitting sheep wool, and many other generally useful works. There are so many, that we could not do them without the help of the children from the youth climatic resort Mladinsko klimatsko zdravilišče Rakitna. Beside the work performed, our activities shall have other beneficial effects. With therapeutic storytelling and singing, we will add to our personal growth and experience, rouse old legends, release all stress, tiredness and haste to find princesses for our soul. The children will spend an amazing day, free of worries and charge, while a part of the earnings will be given to programs for children from the climatic resort. Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.


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