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Dom Viharnik, Home for Elderly people in Kranjska Gora – Park for people suffering from dementia

Build circular path, designed for safe walks

Čičare 14, Kranjska Gora
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Viharnik is a modern home for elderly people, following the concept of household groups and is inspired by family life. It is located in a pleasant alpine environment near the tourist centre of Kranjska gora. The home puts great emphasis on the area of care and treatment for people with dementia. In such groups for people with dementia all rooms have exits to a protected exterior area. The wish is for the park area to have its surfaces further arranged, taking into account expert recommendations for adapting it for people with dementia. Residents with dementia often have a pronounced need for movement (walking) while being hindered by disorientation. A circular path enables such people safe and active movement and reduces the possibility of loss and pointless wandering. Movement enables developing and maintaining their physical and social abilities.

For that reason, we shall arrange a part of the area into a park for people with dementia. We will build a circular path, designed for safe walks. We will also add a small fish pond and wooden footbridges which will cross or complement the path. Along the path, we will plant flowers and bushes, characteristic of the Upper Savinja valley. Also, the pond will be inhabited by animal species native to this part of the ecosystem. The circular route will thus provide safe walks and will also be available to other residents and outside visitors, including tourists with physical disabilities. As we would like to be intergenerationally integrated with the environment, we will also invite children from local elementary school and kindergarten. By creating customized signs and descriptions of the fauna and flora, we will attract attention of residents, locals and visitors, and at the same time allow preservation of the natural heritage.

The project can be implemented in different stages, and also later be upgraded in terms of connections with Kranjska Gora, when the finished plan of the circular path (placing benches, informative and educational signs, making bird houses along the path, etc.) would ensure elderly residents and visitors a nature friendly environment. At the same time, we wish to teach the residents of the home about the flora and fauna, so they could perform as guides to the visitors. Together with our partners, the project will be performed, upgraded, monitored, evaluated and perhaps even marketed as part of the tourist offer in Kranjska Gora.

To make sure that the work is not too difficult, Dom Viharnik will take care of snacks and drinks. With the help of volunteers, local contractors, employees of the home and guests participating in impact tourism visits, success is assured. Through socializing and good work, we will also contribute to raising the quality of life of older people, intergenerational socializing, preservation of natural heritage and integration into the local environment. For an even more effective social imprint, we will dedicate a part of the earnings to the arrangement of external surfaces. Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.


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