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The land of the shepherd-boy and shepherd-girl on the Štular mountain

Rich tradition of stories and tales

Češka koča, Zgornje Jezersko
  • 10 - 50
  • 1.0 - 10.0 h

The primal natural environment is a synonym for the Jezersko area. There, one you pamper yourself with views of the walls of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps, uncovering the natural features of Lake Planšarsko jezero, the glacier beneath Skuta, Čedca waterfall, forests and medicinal mineral water (Jezerska slatina). Moreover, you can observe a herd of indigenous breeds, such as Jezersko - Solčava sheep, marvel at the biological diversity of over 1000 different plant species and priceless cultural heritage of old houses, the ethnographic museum, Jenk’s barracks museum, churches on special locations and their frescoes. The development of the valley is focused on tradition and preserving precious natural values. Hand in hand with the locals, you shall become a part of the story as well. Just an hour’s walk above the baseline, along the mountain path to the Češka koča mountain hut, we can find the beautiful Štular mountain. After years of degradation, the mountain became part of the Šenk’s farm, thus revitalization of the mountain has become a part of the vision for the development of the valley. However, there are still many challenges for the tired locals and despite the help of friendly goblins and good fairies hiding in these places; they cannot take care of everything by themselves. They need your help with the expansion of the overgrowth on the mountain, repair the existing cottages, regulation of water supply and electricity, tidying the surrounding countryside, putting up fences for livestock and the roofs for the cattle that we want to restore on the mountain and many more things.

The purpose of all this is for the mountain to flourish once again. Moreover, it will house the shepherd-boy and shepherd-girl’s land, where it will be allowed for children to visit and stay on the mountain and revive some of the skills necessary for a shepherd-boy and girl to know. The forgotten knowledge about nature, animals, mountains, conservation of natural and cultural heritage and life in harmony with nature are only a part of it. Educating children in a natural environment of the lake’s rich tradition of stories and tales, humorous testing of their skills and gaining the title shepherd-boy or shepherd-girl with an awarded shepherd's rod for them shall be a great challenge and an unforgettable experience.

A part of the earnings will be allocated for the needs of revitalizing the mountain and implementation of the shepherd-boy and girl’s land and also for the possibility of participation of children from socially disadvantaged families. If possible, also children from vulnerable groups will be able to join. To make work easier, the hospitable locals will take care of the local food, drinks and pleasant company and we will leave a better socially beneficial imprint in this beautiful valley. Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.


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