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Bohinj is one of the most famous locations among Slovene people. However, it does not represent “only” natural beauties and our cultural heritage. In Bohinj, we can experience also a number of different adventures. With the help of one of them, we can overcome some of our fears and limitations.

Have you ever wondered how do birds or our jumping champions feel in the air? Has the thought of standing on the top of the ski jump already send shivers down your spine? Together, we can overcome the fear of speed and height. Coming to our aid will be the members of the ski jumping club Skakalno smučarski klub Bohinj, who often take time beside their trainings to attend numerous local events with which they continuously and passionately make sure that Bohinj remains a true Slovene gem.

The hidden wish of the members of ski jumping club Bohinj is to provide the ski jumping center Na Poljah (3 km from lake Bohinj) with the devise for simulating ski jumps, a first in Slovenia of its kind. This would give young ski jumpers the chance to train better and upgrade their skills faster, while the club would gain the possibility to create income, as the device enables a safe ski jumping experience also for those who would like to feel the excitement of this incredible sport for at least a moment. With the help of this device, also guests and tourists could test their skills and thus contribute to financing of the club and consequently, the needs of young ski jumpers.

We would like to invite you to help build this incredible device, its accompanying buildings, organization of the surroundings and making the whole ski jumping center better. Under the leadership of specialists and in cooperation with the members of the club, the job shall not be too difficult. To make work easier, the hospitable locals will take care of the local food, drinks and pleasant company.

Each participant will also get the possibility to fly with the new device and test how our ski jumping champions feel, on their own skin. The chance of flying over 250m is not to be missed, as the experience will be filled with adrenaline, but completely safe.

Our visit shall leave a long-lasting socially beneficial imprint, as it shall contribute to the revival of the old Hansen ski jump, which is a part of the Bohinj heritage. At the same time, a part of the earnings will be given for activities connected to the preservation of the valuable Bohinj milieu and its local development.

Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.

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