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Experiencing the Karst way of life with Vipava valley gourmet indulgence

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None, Vipava valley and Karst
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Slovenia is a karstic land, and it was the Slovenian Karst that lent its name to karst landscapes and phenomena across the world, for it was here that scientists first explained numerous karst features. But this tour is not about the underground caves, intermittent lakes, sinkholes, funnels, etc., it is about the people, the culture and culinary adventures, as this is one of the most authentic places in Slovenia. The Karst wine route boasts more than 100 wine cellars and the area is also known for air-dried ham, labelled with the “protected geographical indication” designation. Everyone eats and drinks well in the Karst, and you will, too.

We will first take you to a locals’ home, where you will meet two playful, entertaining and active people that are committed to being responsible and trustworthy ambassadors of the authentic Karst. They will tell you everything about the region and life there. They will also cook a lunch for you. Everything you will be served will come exclusively from their house, their village or nearby areas. Your next stop will be the village of Stanjel, the jewel of the Karst. This is one of the oldest settlements in the Karst region, known for its old village center. Due to its strategic location, the hill was already populated in prehistoric times and was fortified in antiquity. The most dominant features of the village are the castle and the Church of Saint Daniel, which make Stanjel so remarkable. While walking through the narrow streets, the houses built in stone tell you the story of stonemasons, who portrayed their experience of the Karst through stone. The streets end up in small squares, which were once popular meeting places for the young and the elderly. Continue towards the Vipava Valley. The fertile, wine-rich Vipava Valley stretches southeast from Nova Gorica into the Karst region. It’s an excellent place to tour by car or bike, with outstanding gourmet treats and idyllic rural scenery. The valley’s mild climate encourages the cultivation of stone fruits such as peaches and apricots – the trees are pretty with blossoms in spring, while autumn foliage is deeply colorful and photogenic. A visit of one of the local prime wineries will be followed by dinner at Zemono mannor. Chef Tomaz is a poet of flavors, cooking technologies and top ingredients. Along his immense knowledge he never forgets Vipava valley that is always present in his cooking. For gourmands, this restaurant is a must. But the booking must be made several months in advance. After dinner return to Ljubljana.


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