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A roof over their head in Bohinj

Building a wooden hut

Ribčev laz 48, Bohinjsko jezero
  • 10 - 50
  • 4.0 - 8.0 h

As much beauty as there is in the Bohinj area cannot be described briefly. The locals and tourists who have already visited it would be pleased to tell you about it. Even the Water Man, who lives in the lake, could talk to you at length about the beauty and mysteries of the magnificent Lake Bohinj. He would also brag how he helps mothers protect their children who do not dare go near the lake, fearing mother’s words that he might drag them to the bottom of the lake.

On the other hand, being afraid of water certainly does not apply to young members of the Kayak canoe club Bohinj, who vigorously train and take care of the lake so that is would remain such a pearl. It seems they feel at home on the water, but not quite as clean as at home when changing clothes and during preparations for rowing, because they have no roof over their head, right under the open sky, even in bad weather. Therefore, we will help them and the club to build a nice wooden hut for storing equipment and changing clothes in colder days. Under the guidance of local masters and in cooperation with the members of the club, the job will not be too difficult. The hospitality of the locals, local food and drinks in pleasant company will make it even easier. In addition, we shall take time to learn a few canoeing tricks and visit a few sights which are absolutely not to be missed when spending time in Bohinj.

Our visit shall leave a lasting socially beneficial imprint, while a part of the earnings will be allocated for the operation of the club and activities related to the conservation of valuable lakeside environment. Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.


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