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Supporting Biodynamic vineyards

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Wherever you travel in Slovenia you cannot miss the glistening terraced hills dotted with vineyards. Wine is one of Slovenia’s hidden secrets. Not world-famous like the bigger names, but their quality is unsurpassed. While mostly sold locally, many special wines are exported and sold as special editions. But have you ever heard of Biodynamic wines? These are very special wines that must be Demeter certified. Winemakers must comply with strict regulations when growing their grapes and producing their wine. The goal is to ensure the vineyard is developed in the best way possible. This includes seeing that the vines are planted in the very best possible location for maximum absorption of the soil’s nutrients. A regenerative approach is used to ensure the health of the soil. Everything requires that the winemaker pays very close attention to detail.

Naturally, Biodynamic winemaking meets organic standards and prohibits the use of chemical fertilisers and all pesticides. The wine produced here is full of vital life energy, and some wines are matured in clay vessels that are buried outside to expose the wine to cosmic forces. On this unique wine tour, you will visit three of these Biodynamic vineyards in Eastern Slovenia. You will learn everything that the farmer must do to not only get Demeter certified, but also the strict rules needed to maintain it, and the care and attention to detail that the winemaker shows. You will see just how unique these vineyards are and gain an understanding into why the wine produced here is so special.

Maintaining a vineyard is hard work, and maintaining a Biodynamic vineyard is ever harder. But the winemakers here truly believe in this special way of making wine and are dedicated to maintaining it. But like anything that is special, it can be hard to keep it going. Your visit will help promote and support the Biodynamic winemakers continue to practice their special art.

The tour also includes a 4-course lunch with, of course, a bottle of their most sumptuous wine. You will soon taste for yourself why it is worth saving.


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