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Be the busy bee

Honey experience

Gorenjska cesta 19, Radovljica
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Bees are those animals which are constantly working and that is also the reason why honey is considered food of the gods and has long been the most important sweetener in the world. Honey contains substances that are beneficial to the human body and is food for both healthy and sick, as well as an excellent source of energy. We will help you revive contact with the bees, with which people have always been connected. You will learn what an important role beekeeping has for conservation of the nature and protection of the environment. You will learn how to harvest honey and visit the apiculture centre and a Slovene apiary, learn about 'panjske končnice', the famous beehive decorations and help a beekeeper at work. 

All bees strive for a common goal and share work, as they have to fly a thousand times to make one kilogram of honey. Their diligence is contagious. Therefore, we will also work together and make beautiful beeswax candles, after which the bees will lead us into the kitchen, where we will work hand in hand with top chefs who will show us how to use honey to prepare delicious dishes. Candles and prepared goodies will be your entry ticket to socialize with "the bees" from the local Centre for education, work and welfare who will join us that day. With their help, we will easily use the 65 calories a tablespoon of honey contains. Our activity will contribute to the takings for a generally useful purpose.

Actually, our work will have several beneficial effects. Our understanding of the importance of the Carniolan bee will contribute to the conservation of the natural heritage while the new skills acquired in the kitchen and knowledge about honey will have a beneficial influence on the health of our loved ones. Hanging out with "bees" will prove that bees really connect and also the takings will be used to purchase Slovenian honey products for the health of our "bees" from the Centre for education, work and welfare.  Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.


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