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An infusion of old and new dishes

"Food and drink"

None, Radovljica
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Nothing old ever truly dies. While the world may evolve and move forward, old ways are often somehow infused into new ways of doing things. Never is this truer than in the delightful dishes that one of Slovenia’s top chefs, Uroš Štefelin, regularly creates at Vila Podvin. However, not only is Uroš keeping old traditional classics alive, but he is also reviving forgotten local ingredients by doing so. Chef Uroš derives inspiration from the memories of his childhood when his family home was overflowing with mouth-watering aromas from the traditional Slovene meals prepared in their kitchen.

The chef and hotel work on the KM 0 principle. This is the kilometre zero principle in which zero kilometres means zero emissions and zero waste. Using fresh local and seasonal ingredients from the hotel’s own garden and from other local growers, he blends a unique fusion of old and new all on one plate for the hotel’s a-la-carte restaurant.

The hotel and chef have also partnered with CUDV Radovljica, a public social welfare institution which provides care, training and support programs for people with moderate to severe disabilities. In one of their programs, CUDV members work to create beautiful handmade pottery which is then used by Vila Podvin to serve up their chef’s unique creations.

Come and taste some of the finest blends of old and new Slovenian cuisine made from local and seasonal ingredients, while at the same time helping to support local growers sell their produce and support the CUDV in their wonderful work with the disabled.


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