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Taste the age-old dishes of Slovenia with a modern twist

"Food and drink"

Sora 1a, Medvode
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In today’s modern and fast-paced society, the art of true cooking is in danger of being lost. The days of returning from work or school to a home-cooked meal are slowly being replaced with modern TV dinners plucked from the freezer and thrown into the microwave for a quick and easy meal. However, while this may seem faster and easier, it generally isn’t and of course these meals are lacking in taste and goodness. Thankfully, here in Slovenia the tradition of cooking a real meal is still very much alive and well, and many of the great Slovene dishes have not only survived the test of time but are also moving with the times in terms of preparation.

While it may be physically small, Slovenia boasts an enviable place at the intersection of the Alps, Mediterranean and Pannonian Plain. Slovenia’s cuisine is as diverse as its landscape, and nowhere else in the world can you find such a unique blend of food traditions; many of which are influenced by Slovenia’s neighbouring countries: Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. As Slovenia’s renowned ethnologist and cultural anthropologist Janez Bogataj once said, “At the dinner table in Slovenia, you will never be bored.”

On this tour, you will be taken to a beautiful little town at the heart of the Kamnik Alps, with lush green fields and forests leading off to the glistening grey peaks of this majestic alpine mountain range. In this breath of fresh alpine air, you can learn to cook and prepare a four-course Slovenian meal packed with many of our greatest traditional recipes, in a 240-year old homestead. Tradition and modernity are as intertwined here as the cultural recipes.

For many years, much of these traditional recipes were relatively unknown outside of Slovenia. While tourism is changing that, you can still be one of the first to experience this unique cuisine firsthand. Perhaps you will even start serving up some of our delights at your own table; which we are sure you’ll find is not so much more difficult to prepare than a TV dinner. We guarantee however, that you will find it far more palatable.

Not only will you be helping to keep traditional Slovenian gastronomy alive but will go away with a cooking apron made entirely from recycled materials, with which you can prepare and serve up these meals at your own home.


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