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Ciril-Metodov trg 15, Ljubljana
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A walk through the city of Ljubljana is an unforgettable adventure of impressions and experiences. To fully experience it, your body is alert and working all the time. Your eyes eagerly take pictures of the beautiful panorama, the receptors in your hands enable you to touch and feel Ljubljana sights, your ears hear the music and warm sounds of Ljubljana streets and your taste buds delight in local delicacies. At the end, your legs and sense of awareness will tell you that you are pleasantly tired.

Indeed, you will be tired, because your senses will constantly be tested. During a folklore show, your touch will start working and you will learn some basic dance steps, your smell will join at the wine tasting in a wine shop in the centre of Ljubljana, your vision will be tested through the eyes of the best Slovenian photographer and your hearing will be pleased with the gentle sound of the zither, while the taste will unmistakably and thankfully tell you that you are sampling a traditional Carniolan sausage.

Moreover, also your power of experiencing, describing, empathy and resourcefulness will be put to test. You will describe your perceptions and share them with other participants who are not that lucky to possess all the senses. To describe the beauties of Ljubljana to those who cannot see, to show the beauty of music in a way for those who cannot hear and to adapt dance steps to those who cannot walk will be the challenges that will make walking around Ljubljana a socially beneficial and memorable experience for all participants and weave bonds of friendship. They will also prove how useful our senses truly are.

A walk around Ljubljana will thus become a symphony of senses and all limitations will be forgotten. Our visit will leave a lasting socially beneficial imprint, while a part of the earnings will be given to organizations assisting individuals with handicaps. Impact tourism thus enables us to co-create a better and more beautiful world in a pleasant way.


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