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Keeping Alpine traditions alive


None, Bohinj
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Take a walk back in time when the world was a different place, free from the encroachment of modern vehicles, machinery and industrial mass farming techniques that are slowly eroding our natural way of life. You won’t find a single industrial smoke plume here. Take a huge breath of pure fresh alpine air as you step out into the glorious scenery of the magnificent Lake Bohinj, a vast natural glacial lake surrounded by the soaring peaks of the Julian Alps. Gaze in awe at the sweeping vista before you as you step off the cable car at Mount Vogel and view this amazing spectacle from above. Amid the verdant hills and valleys, the only smoke you’ll see is from the chimneys of local farmhouses. Wouldn’t you like to help keep it this way?

Surrounding Lake Bohinj is a beautiful valley resplendent with high mountain pastures. Every summer, local shepherds herd their cows up to these rich alpine meadows, where they freely roam the fields and graze on nature’s most nourishing grass. You couldn’t get more free range than this. Naturally, the cows then in turn produce rich, nourishing milk which the farmers turn into a variety of produce such as the famous Bohinj cheese, cottage cheese and sour milk.

We will walk a special trail leading up to these pastures. Your walk will take you through wildflower-strewn meadows, amid alpine mountain views, past streams and waterfalls to one of the many organic farms here. You will be able to watch this special process, taste and buy a variety of produce still made using traditional practices. It doesn’t get more organic that this. Your visit will help keep these traditional methods of dairy farming alive, as well as helping the local shepherds maintain their age-old practices and pass down their knowledge to future generations.

It’s not all cheese and milk though. Beekeeping and honey-making is one of the oldest traditions in Slovenia. Four out of every 1000 Slovenes are engaged in beekeeping, and wherever you travel you cannot miss the colourful bee homes that dot the countryside. The original Carniolan honey bee is native to Slovenia. As we leave the highlands, we’ll visit one special organic beekeeper. He will show you his 60-year-old apiary and age old method of producing honey. You will be able to purchase the finest, most deliciously organic honey directly from him; helping to ensure the survival of one of Slovenia’s most treasured traditions and keeping the beekeepers vocation alive.


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