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Saving the Tepka Pear Trees near Lake Bled

"Cooking workshop and degustation"

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Lake Bled is probably Slovenia’s most famous tourist attraction. This can often mean that in their rush to see this fabulous lake that many of the smaller villages surrounding the lake are often overlooked. This is a shame, because there is so much character, culture and fascinating traditions in these charming little villages that are at risk of dying out.

One such example is a rare type of pear known as the tepka pear. These pear trees are only grown in a few small places in Slovenia. Locals have been harvesting this pear for generations. Due to its unique taste they use it to create a variety of special local dishes.

In the village of Zasip though, they have gone one step further. Local people here dry the pears. Dried tepka pears are known as “Prga”. They then ground the dried tepka pears and use the flour to make bread and also in the preparation of other local dishes. The village became so famous for this that even today Slovenes refer to Zasip as “Prgarija” and to its inhabitants as “Prgarij” It’s not just for bread though. There is a variety of other great dishes made from the tepka pear. Prga štruklji is a local variation of a traditional Slovene dish, but with the Prga touch added. It comprises of rolled phyllo dough stuffed with cottage cheese and ground boiled tepka pears. Prgovc bread is made from buckwheat and prga flour with added potatoes, cracklings and onion). Praga friend are homemade cookies with dried tepka pears and walnuts. These are just a few of the mouthwatering dishes made from the tepka pear.

Tepka pear trees still grow in many orchards surrounding the village. The “Prgarij” ladies still keep this tradition alive. The local tourist association is also working hard to promote this age old tradition to ensure the village and its inhabitants can maintain their unique way of life.

Join us on this special trip to see for yourself how Prga is made. You’ll participate in a culinary workshop with the “Prgarij” ladies as they take you through the history of this unique tradition and teach you how to make the tepka flour.

Your visit will not only be a unique culinary experience, but will help keep the Prga tradition alive and ensure the Prgarij ladies can maintain the way of life that has been passed down through the generations. And trust us when we say, you will want to come back for more of their delicious food.


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